Taking a Leap of Faith

I saw my surgeon today. 11 years almost to the day that in his words my spinal cord “was almost sliced in half.” So many years since we have had reason to see each other. But, as I stepped into his office all of that time was compressed and it didn’t seem like that long at all. A flurry of emotion. A bit of anxiety. A tinge of excitement to see him after all these years and all we had gone through together. A painful reminder of exactly what had happened to me and the intense 11 year journey. I wasn’t exactly wanting to face the new MRI he had in his possession but, I had to know. As he entered he said “Well, it’s been a long time hasn’t it?”

“Yes it has!” I replied.

I asked if he remembered me and he answered with a resounding “Oh yes I remember you!” It was a tone that said to me he couldn’t just forget a case like mine.

You see, I was there in his office to review a new MRI. The first one in 6 years since the spinal tumor ruptured in 2007 leaving me paraplegic. I got the MRI for two reasons. One, because I have been experiencing more intense body spasms over the past 6 months. Second, because I was instructed to get 5 MRI’S one year apart from each other after the surgery and I had only gotten four. Getting that last one has haunted me a bit. After 5 years the chances of the tumor returning are tremendously reduced hence his instructions for the 5. Ready to put a nail in the coffin, I just did it.

By the grace of God I got a really good report. My spinal cord integrity that was the thickness of a piece of paper and almost severed at time of surgery had regenerated and filled out and become healthier. The cord is still tethered into the scar tissue and an area of the cord not healed is still affecting my balance and spatial consciousness. But, hallelujah, rejuvenation and no new growth of a tumor is a very good report. The surgeon reminded me without mincing words that a lot of people around his practice doubted I would ever function properly again, much less walk. These words are a reminder of the catastrophic event I escaped. However, those words do not dilute the fact that I have been in intense physical therapy every week for 11 years. Yes, every week for 11 years. I have never stopped. I want to run and not just walk. I am a runner!

Have you ever fought for something you wanted or believed in “purposefully” every week for 11 years? I am not talking about something that didn’t cost you anything but something that cost time, money, energy, pain, emotion? The word purposefully is very key. We throw a half baked effort at things haphazardly and get frustrated when we do not see the fruit of our labor. Purposeful effort comes from deep within. It can only happen when you have committed yourself whole-heartedly to the cause no matter the cost, without knowing the outcomes. Written down and spoken out loud. Also, purposeful effort entails ongoing goals, a scheduled plan and readjustment along the way. There is so much more that goes into running and not just walking in life, in business, in our spiritual development and the list goes on. I have become a master at purposeful effort with miraculous results. Stick around and I’ll teach you every aspect of this type of a mountain moving life.

Get Free

You will learn very quickly that freedom is my battle cry. That is the life blood of Souled Out. I lived a life bound and chained to so many life stealing strongholds. After I was set free of these hinderances I was set on fire to help other people do the same thing. It can be done. No matter the matter. You can live without the darkness, without the heaviness, without the fear and lies and regret and so on and so forth. But, my friend, it takes commitment and a fire in your belly to outlast the things that want to steal the one and only life you get.

I was thinking early this morning about the process that helped me become free to live and breathe in a wide-open space. I Souled Out. Mind, will and emotions pointed toward the end goal of freedom to become all that God created me to be. Not smothered any longer. Becoming Souled Out is a journey. God will show up and show off as soon as you commit and begin taking steps towards freedom. Let me be clear, freedom comes in many forms. Freedom from mental anguish, freedom from failing physical health, freedom from emotional instability, freedom from fear that paralyzes you at every corner and freedom from unforgiveness that holds you hostage. Here are the steps that orchestrated themselves to set this captive free:

  • Chose faith-filled friends
  • Found prayer warriors – I can help with this
  • Was led through forgiveness – unforgiveness only holds YOU captive – no one else
  • Repented – means I owned it
  • Wrote down every single thing along my path that could have caused a chain to form.
  • Released them one by one
  • Got in The Word – I mean on my face in the word radically for a season
  • Learned how to fully worship and surrender – this feels so good so freeing.
  • Became a journaling queen
  • Involved myself in all kinds of positive association and activities
  • Fell- but got back up
  • Learned how to warfare for my freedom
  • Changed my words that were spoken out into the universe
  • Changed my environment – meaning where I went


Every single one of these steps has key factors and truths associated with them in order that you gain freedom as you accomplish them and to ensure they stick and stay. You can learn how to properly implement this process a couple of ways. The best option for success is to enroll in Freedom Academy where you will get the down and dirty details, real life examples and have your questions answered. You will also get a one-on-one with me to discuss your specific situation. The other way is to stay in touch with my blogs and podcasts where I will do everything in my power to reveal all the key points to this process.

Friends! My desire is that you trust the process and know that the burden on your back can be redeemed.   Don’t waste another second being tied to the whipping post. Listen, I have lived a life Souled Out and free. Much of it was self-taught the old-fashioned way. I have battled paralysis for 11 long years day in and day out. I was not supposed to walk. But I put a plan into place, even as I lay in the ICU. That plan has served me well in so many ways. It spilled out into my mental, emotional and personal life. The good news is my mission in life is to help you implement the same type of plan to get you back on your feet and thriving!! Not surviving. I am a THRIVER not a survivor!

A Dream Reborn

Have you ever felt like a dream was over, it just went dark on you? Or have you ever thought that something you believed was God speaking to you was actually not God at all? That has been my space for the past several years.

A flourishing ministry, a morning radio program I hosted, freedom weekends that were rocking peoples’ world, a faith-based life coaching business just starting up and then “lights out.” My world came to a screeching halt as I had known it. My marriage of 18 years ended. Something I believed God to mend for many, many years did not happen. Many of you reading this were listeners of Amy Dillon Live and or participated with Souled Out in some way. Maybe you were getting faith-based coaching for business development and maybe you have no idea who I am. But my past was filled with punch after punch after dirty punch and up until the day my marriage ended I overcame and conquered all the punches. But for me the final blow was my marriage ending. To add salt in the wound, it wasn’t the only marriage that had ended for me but it was the one that counted. It was the one that was going to be forever – not.

Not only did my marriage end but the ministry went dark also – every single aspect of it. Struggling mentally and physically from losing my mobility from a tumor inside my spinal cord I now had facing me… more loss.

My heart went dark. All I had in me was to merely maintain – exist. This girl who was a thriver and not just a survivor was barely hanging on. Sometimes life does this to us. It is the final Kao in the ring of life. But I have good news friends! God is not a man that he should lie or the son of man that he should change his mind. God sang a song over me long, long ago and the song did not change. During these dark years the Lord put me in a high and spacious place to exist and provide for me and my daughter. We were loved on and provided for. As my daughter says, “Mom we rocked that season of our lives!” How cool that she saw reality, but she also saw God made a way. In her eyes we were overcomers.

The Lord dropped hints all along the way that he was not finished with me yet. I saw it, I heard it, I felt it but I didn’t believe it. Until 2018, when it was as if a spot light was literally set on top of my life, my calling and his promises to me. Illuminated with life and energy and creativity all his promises came flooding back into my heart. It was astounding to me. This light shown over all I knew I was supposed to be and do and become. The vision and passion came back to me as if it had never gone. No, actually when he shown the light over me and my existence it was bigger and more resolute and surer and purer and more impactful, and the list goes on. He didn’t just bring it back to life, He brought it back in grandiose style! As I began to receive this and say “Yes,” a high level of assuredness and fearlessness and confidence filled my soul. The re-launch of Souled Out is here my friends and it is going to set the captives free, launch people into their destiny, create sound minds for clarity in decision making, in business, in parenting and in our personal lives. The re-launch of Souled Out is here. He is doing a new thing. And you are meant to be the recipient.

Lucky Day

Gosh!! Could we all just get out of our own stinkin’ way! Seriously, I have this image in my mind of our best self…the one that is wonderful- talented -gifted. Then in that same image our worst self …the condemning -doubting- false believing self, standing in front of the best me. Hands on hips reminding me of all the reasons I shouldn’t, couldn’t, wouldn’t. Have you ever seen this same image for yourself? You struggle to get your best self back on your feet, shake off the dust, okay I’ve got it this time, only to find your shouldn’t, couldn’t, wouldn’t self standing in the door way! Ugh Once again we fall off track, we lose mental strength. We try once or twice and get distracted. If you have ever felt like this, I have a serious solution! It’s called Souled Out living in a Sold-Out world! It is powerful and it applies to anything in life you want to accomplish and or overcome!

This solution is worth fighting for! It’s worth getting a radical mind, will and emotions. It is called becoming Souled Out. We live in a sold-out world, one where we sell out cheaply to the ways of the world, to the least of our self-ability! We sell out to the condemning, doubting and false believing self. I am well aware that this worst self comes from some intense stories and histories. But this way of living is total trash living my people! This is not what we were called to do. REGARDLESS, of what is stopping you, you can overcome. Let me repeat the word regardless because I have had hundreds of stories that have passed through my path and no matter the gruesome back story or current conditions YOU CAN OVERCOME consistently and persistently. You can live a free un-encumbered life. It will not come easy but it is 100% worth the fight. I am living proof and I cracked the code. You deserve to be FREE TO BE the best, most effective life changing individual you once believed you could be. Now the catch is will you stand your battle ground and REFUSE to give in until you see change?

If the answer is “Yes, I am sick and tired of being sick and tired and I am willing,” then I have some full proof solutions to getting you well on your way to living a life Souled Out and free. I can teach you how to break the chains that bind your abilities and beliefs and that hold you back in business, in spirit and every other thing in life you are called to do.

Over the next few blogs I will be sharing some of the key components on the road to becoming Souled Out. Our soul consists of our mind, will and emotions. When this part of our life makes simple shifts, it will lead you into the promised land of success that you have only been dreaming about until now This is your lucky day!