A Dream Reborn

Have you ever felt like a dream was over, it just went dark on you? Or have you ever thought that something you believed was God speaking to you was actually not God at all? That has been my space for the past several years.

A flourishing ministry, a morning radio program I hosted, freedom weekends that were rocking peoples’ world, a faith-based life coaching business just starting up and then “lights out.” My world came to a screeching halt as I had known it. My marriage of 18 years ended. Something I believed God to mend for many, many years did not happen. Many of you reading this were listeners of Amy Dillon Live and or participated with Souled Out in some way. Maybe you were getting faith-based coaching for business development and maybe you have no idea who I am. But my past was filled with punch after punch after dirty punch and up until the day my marriage ended I overcame and conquered all the punches. But for me the final blow was my marriage ending. To add salt in the wound, it wasn’t the only marriage that had ended for me but it was the one that counted. It was the one that was going to be forever – not.

Not only did my marriage end but the ministry went dark also – every single aspect of it. Struggling mentally and physically from losing my mobility from a tumor inside my spinal cord I now had facing me… more loss.

My heart went dark. All I had in me was to merely maintain – exist. This girl who was a thriver and not just a survivor was barely hanging on. Sometimes life does this to us. It is the final Kao in the ring of life. But I have good news friends! God is not a man that he should lie or the son of man that he should change his mind. God sang a song over me long, long ago and the song did not change. During these dark years the Lord put me in a high and spacious place to exist and provide for me and my daughter. We were loved on and provided for. As my daughter says, “Mom we rocked that season of our lives!” How cool that she saw reality, but she also saw God made a way. In her eyes we were overcomers.

The Lord dropped hints all along the way that he was not finished with me yet. I saw it, I heard it, I felt it but I didn’t believe it. Until 2018, when it was as if a spot light was literally set on top of my life, my calling and his promises to me. Illuminated with life and energy and creativity all his promises came flooding back into my heart. It was astounding to me. This light shown over all I knew I was supposed to be and do and become. The vision and passion came back to me as if it had never gone. No, actually when he shown the light over me and my existence it was bigger and more resolute and surer and purer and more impactful, and the list goes on. He didn’t just bring it back to life, He brought it back in grandiose style! As I began to receive this and say “Yes,” a high level of assuredness and fearlessness and confidence filled my soul. The re-launch of Souled Out is here my friends and it is going to set the captives free, launch people into their destiny, create sound minds for clarity in decision making, in business, in parenting and in our personal lives. The re-launch of Souled Out is here. He is doing a new thing. And you are meant to be the recipient.

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