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Welcome to Souled Out Ministries.

A place to find freedom. Freedom that releases you to be all that God intended you to be. This is a place of life, healing and redemption. A place of repentance and celebration. I can not wait to share with you the miraculous faithfulness of Christ in this journey called life. God is ready to rock your world through Souled Out - are you ready? Allow me to journey with you as you proclaim a life Souled Out and free!

Becoming Souled Out is...

being human but staying the course. Inspires setting all things aside for “first” a life “in” Christ. Defines turning. Means being sorry enough to quit. Releases those things you never had a hold of anyway. Involves a decision and a declaration. Requires cleansing. Requests pouring out to make room for an extraordinary filling up. Is truly living a free unabashed life. Requires unlocking all the doors to your heart, in faith. Is when joy replaces happiness. Allows strongholds to be dismantled. Is not a burden, but freedom, not heavy but light, not hard but easy. Throws religion and legalism out the window. Is a release of chains, not an acquisition of more. Ensures you are Christ led, not religiously dead. Takes guts, faith, trust and relation. Is abandoning the old to fall in love with the new. Requires serving one master. Awakens power, promise and provision. Is deep not shallow, core not surface. Makes way for your natural to become super! Means solid, firm, steadfast and resolved. Is where passion replaces rationalization. Means the Word is the answer. Is when humility becomes honor. Hope becomes everlasting. Means truly living, I mean really living. Serves notice on the enemy. Makes weapons of warfare personally effective yours. Allows the lies to be shattered. Brings victory in adversity. Means getting back up. Is being human but staying the course.