Get Free

You will learn very quickly that freedom is my battle cry. That is the life blood of Souled Out. I lived a life bound and chained to so many life stealing strongholds. After I was set free of these hinderances I was set on fire to help other people do the same thing. It can

A Dream Reborn

Have you ever felt like a dream was over, it just went dark on you? Or have you ever thought that something you believed was God speaking to you was actually not God at all? That has been my space for the past several years. A flourishing ministry, a morning radio program I hosted, freedom

Lucky Day

Gosh!! Could we all just get out of our own stinkin' way! Seriously, I have this image in my mind of our best self…the one that is wonderful- talented -gifted. Then in that same image our worst self …the condemning -doubting- false believing self, standing in front of the best me. Hands on hips reminding