Surrender “is” a breakthrough

I had an unexpected encounter with the Lord today. It was a direct answer to an intense prayer I have been lifting up over the past few months.  It involves pruning which is super painful but produces super powerful results.  No matter how long you have journeyed with the Lord there is always room for

Lock Down

You can come out of lock down mode My daughters school sent a notice this morning that the school would undergo a lock down drill today. Reading that simple sentence made my heart race a bit and brought a tear to my eye for a couple or reasons. First a wave of sadness that they

Lucky Day

Gosh!! Could we all just get out of our own stinkin' way! Seriously, I have this image in my mind of our best self…the one that is wonderful- talented -gifted. Then in that same image our worst self …the condemning -doubting- false believing self, standing in front of the best me. Hands on hips reminding