Once a young girl found herself broken, against insurmountable odds

After many years of humiliating and degrading incidents she had to face what her life had become.


She would either let personal trauma and bad decisions suffocate her in a pit or she’d get back up and free herself from the chains that bound her abilities and belief systems.

On the morning of her 30th birthday at 6am standing in the middle of her neighborhood street ready for her morning run, she made a deal with God and that deal changed the entire trajectory of her life.

After living many victorious years Souled Out and free Amy Mills would become paralyzed by divorce, infidelity and actual physical paralysis.

Amy now lives free, unchained and is physically walking to tell the story of how she went from mental and physical capture to a life of freedom, peace and success.

Yes, Amy has owned and started several businesses and been an award- winning sales and marketing professional for over 35 years. She has directed an award- winning sales team of 20 plus people and owned and operated an international food trade show. But, her passion is non of the above. Amy’s passion is the whole life development of people who have suffered oppression in any form just as she did for over two decades! Amy is a leading expert in guiding individuals to live free and unfractured catapulting them to success.

Hey there! Its Amy. As I continue to learn and grow and succeed I am willing to teach you everything I have learned to have success and thrive in every area of  life. You deserve to live free. To become all that you were originally created to be before life decided to hold you in a vice grip. The only key is you (overused I know, but true). You have to be willing to get to the finish line no matter the cost without seeing the future. That is one of the ways I learned to walk again from a paraplegic state.

Are you stuck or even paralyzed from situations in your life?

Are you regretful and disappointed in life?

Are you losing the health battle and nearing a health crisis?

Are you in the spin cycle of life?

Are your thoughts leading to anxiety, fear and defeat?

Are you ready to give in because what is the use anyway?

Are shame and guilt haunting you – stealing away the best you?

If any of this resonates. - This academy is designed to...

Free you. Unchain you. Bring satisfaction back to your life.

This academy will make you a resolute, steadfast decision- making machine. You will learn tactics to regain a sound mind that is under your control and not running rampant. You’ll become unhindered from anxiety fear and worry; boldly beginning to live out what you were intended to be. And, you will draw a line in the sand against ANYTHING toxic in your life. No more!

These academy courses will motivate you to:

Re wire your mindset

Re set the trajectory of your life

Re evaluate your belief systems

Re activate hope and direction

Re vive your love life

Re lease the lies once and for all

Stop circling round the mountain. Take your mountain. Seize it!

If you have circled around the mountain of debt, unhappy marriage, dishonorable kids and past over promotions then these tactics and processes are for you!

Step by step you will radically transform areas of your life that are failing.

During your enrollment in Freedemption Academy award winning sales professional, entrepreneur, spiritual leader, communicator, radio show host, mom and wife Amy Mills will equip you with life altering "simple" truths to see immediate change in your life. She will walk you through the steps that led her to create great awakening in her body, spirit and soul (mind, will & emotions.)

You are called to greatness. You are called to freedom. Not oppression. Not indecision. Not paralyzed by the past or by fear! You are called to be a successful beacon that stops people in their tracks to find out who you are and how you do it.

You will graduate this academy with a warrior like spirit. Many take what they have learned from the teachings that you are about to experience and start a new business , land a promotion, heal vital relationships, rekindled a spicy fun marriage, become a positive mental machine, raise stellar children and welcome change with excitement and expectation.

Will I really get results?

Will this really change my life?

Do You Want...











What will happen in your life after graduation if you apply yourself to the curriculum….

A Detoxed Life

You will be motivated to rid yourself of all toxicity in your life whether it is you being a toxic influence on those around you or vice versa. You will run from it! Your motivation to remove toxic food, drink, thoughts and people and replace with life giving sources in every area of your life lifts your countenance!

Your stinking toxic mind and mouth will be retrained for positive affirmation and submission to your direction! Your detoxed lifestyle will be a magnet for success professionally, physically and spiritually.

Healed from Paralysis

You will begin to see movement and forward progress in areas of your life where fear, fear of man, anxiety and depression have held you captive and immoveable. You will begin to scoff in the face of elements of paralysis because you see them for what they are and the target they have on your life – to kill steal and destroy your destiny. Hopelessness will find no resting place in your life.

Destroyed Road Blocks

Your awareness of and newfound knowledge of these repetitive devices in your life that are keeping you circling round the same mountain will have seen their final days. Your clarity identifies where they are coming from and their mission. Your application of the tactics you learned in Freedemption Academy finally allow you to build a bridge and get over it! I mean literally you are stepping OVER age old roadblocks.

A Steamy Fun Marriage

Your marriage turns the corner with your ability to clearly communicate and to eagerly release control. Yes! You gain freedom and energy to spice things up! Your mind is becoming free to take steps towards passion and partnership! Finally you will be free to acknowledge what has set you back sexually and emotionally from your spouse.

A Parenting and Professional Powerhouse

There is nothing you cannot attain using the Souled Out lifestyle. It makes room to succeed at the important factors of life – parenting and professional calling. The world is now going to get the best you. Your family finally gets to enjoy a more balanced grace filled you. And You will wake up each morning to someone you admire and have confidence in.

After academy you are capable of beginning to move forward with tenacious action, accomplishment, gratefulness. Chains are unraveling off of your past and separating you from destructive habits. You begin living Souled Out in a previously sold-out existence.

It is not easy, it is a commitment to action and perseverance. BUT, it can and will be done in your life and it is SO WORTH IT!. The battle pales in comparison to each achieved level of freedom. The sweet smell of victorious living is looming over your life right now, right here today. Seize this opportunity. Say Yes! Yes to a life forever changed. Yes, to a life worth getting up for. Yes, to destroying all the enemies of your body, spirit and soul (mind will emotions.)

It is said there is a time and season for everything under the sun. This is your warrior season. Stop beating your fists against the air and start throwing punches that produce results. And, yes, you will for a period enter a battleground. But, relief will come after you have taken back land and plunder that is rightfully yours. Your life will get freer and easier to maneuver. I live in peace even in the midst of chaotic situations and so can you. My warrior mentality is now the very fabric of my DNA and yours will be too, soon!

Now, let’s GO get your freedom!