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from the Walking Free Series.
What is the result of individuals having the opportunity to fulfill their life mission in their truest, most effective and passionate form of themselves? Answer: Crazy success and high- level contribution to society, mission, organization, family unit and on and on. I call it “Freedom Driven Success.”
“Freedom Driven Success” is the reason I no longer live as a paraplegic, no longer live bound from abuse and addictive behaviors and no longer struggle with guilt, anxiety or fear!

Freedemption Weekend

Dates announced soon. Stronger with revamped sessions.
There is nothing like Freedemption Weekend where your experience Freedom in Christ through the redemption of the cross.
Personal hands on ministry is given to you and your specific life trials. You will leave Freedemption Weekend a changed woman...The Lord will speak to you through this spirit filled weekend and you will be set in a new trajectory for life.

Freedemption Academy, Freedom Masters Series

These online power packed sessions focus on the reality of life's circumstances that we are all living with. Life changing teachings are delivered under the mentorship of Amy Mills and her Souled Out team of leaders. This entire team has lived in the trenches and are ready to journey alongside you to see life return to your soul. These leaders are equipped now more than ever to share life experiences and tools to help you thrive and finally live your life on purpose and to a higher degree than you ever thought possible.

Speaking Engagements

Amy has a variety of speaking topics available for booking. View the list here. 

Speaking Engagements.

Amy has been sharing her story for years. Held captive by addiction and abuse for 15 years, Amy has now been set free, conquering physical paralysis along the way! Be inspired and encouraged and find out how you can find freedom in your own life!

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There's nothing more powerful than experiencing ultimate freedom with a group of your closest peers, friends or co-workers. After years of hosting weekend workshops, Amy is able to make a big impact over a short period of time.



Stay tuned for speaking events  and conferences that Amy will be hosting.