Freedom Driven Success

What is the result of individuals having the opportunity to fulfill their life mission in their truest most effective and passionate form of themselves? Answer: Crazy success and high- level contribution to society, mission, organization, family unit and on and on. I call it “Freedom Driven Success.”

“Freedom Driven Success” is the reason I no longer live as a paraplegic, no longer live bound from abuse and addictive behaviors and no longer struggle with guilt, anxiety or fear!

THIS kind of success becomes a reality when we are given the opportunity and non- judgmental permission to face down the obstacles that road- block our capabilities of: Freedom in Christ and Success in life. Once we learn and apply biblical truths and brain techniques that cleanse the chronic or toxic in us we are then operating at a level very few ever aspire to or achieve. Soul freedom – freedom in the mind, will and emotions- intentionally attaches its rewards to every area of our lives! Christ rules and reigns when soul freedom is present.

I have created a training that does just this!

My return from paralysis was accomplished through freedom in my mind, will and emotions. Had the fog from many years past still existed in my life there would have been little chance of recovery to the extent I am today. Soul freedom has been the catalyst to a myriad of success I have attained in my life. Personal, professional, relational and spiritual success. The work I did, much like this training, led me to freedom and mobility . Now I am going to show you how you can gain the same success in whatever you are facing in life.

The end result:

  • Women walking in freedom and living to the fullest their God appointed destiny
  • High achievers that are mature
  • Individuals that live out life’s un expectancies as “responders” and not “reactionaries.”
  • Women who understand they can actually be propelled into power from their past no matter their story
  • Minds that are over matter; not the opposite!
  • Confident women utilizing their gifts and voice for the common good

There really cannot be a calculated bullet point list about all the personal success that comes from a training such as this. When we attack “Freedom Driven Success” with fervor everything can change; minds, wills, emotions, abilities, leadership ability, bounce back ability. There is no limit.

A few of the training focuses are:

  • Identifying Roadblocks through life mapping
  • Establishing your path past the roadblock
  • Tossing and replacing all you ever knew about forgiveness
  • Brain training that shifts the mental environment you live in – forever!
  • The art of tapping into wisdom – hearing, sensing, seeing, experiencing
  • The how and why of dismantling strongholds and toxic behavior
  • A “bomb shell” God message that shifts perspective into limitless anticipation

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Trust me! This Friday evening and Saturday training event is the most powerful investment you will make in yourself, your group or your organization in 2020 and beyond. The benefits carry over year after year AND there are additional modules to participate in that build upon the initial concepts, techniques and truths offered in the OT.

If you are interested in booking a date contact me privately at 512-913-2949 or email me