Lock Down

You can come out of lock down mode

My daughters school sent a notice this morning that the school would undergo a lock down drill today. Reading that simple sentence made my heart race a bit and brought a tear to my eye for a couple or reasons. First a wave of sadness that they even have to experience such a thing and a wave of sadness for the what if it were real.

At 10:30 a.m. I thought of their reality.  I knew they were hiding under desk, they were feeling anxious, scared for the what ifs.  Even a drill of this sort creates fear, anxiety and fascinations of what if.  Even though there is no eminent danger – their hearts are still pounding and they are most certainly thinking of the kids that have had the unthinkable happen…this process but, not a drill.  They are having to clear the building , single file, hands on head into a clearing location away from the source of possible terror.

We as adults also experience lock down mode.  It begins as if a drill but, somewhere along the way it lodges inside our spirit and soul (mind, will and emotions) as a permanent state of being.  We are locked down. It is our reality.  Crouched behind walls and structures that we think will protect us. Walls and structures that eventually themselves bring much of the destruction we were trying to hide from in the first place.  This drill that has become a permanent state of being has allowed the fear, anxiety and fascinations of “what if” to rule and reign in our lives. We have falsely placed ourselves in a clearing location to avoid the source of possible terror. The what ifs of life.  Much of which never ever come true.  But, fear has had its way and has created a belief system in us that keeps us in lock down mode.

Friend can I encourage you to come out from behind those structures.  Can I encourage you to move from that clearing space you placed yourself in to the arms of a Father that is your safe place.  Coming out of lock down mode and straight into the presence of the one and only protector, fighter and safe landing place is sheer and utter freedom.  It was only a drill so long ago when you attempted to save yourself. You were never meant to stay there! He can be trusted. He can do the unimaginable in your life. He is who He says He is. Your freedom your fighter your protector.

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