Lucky Day

Gosh!! Could we all just get out of our own stinkin’ way! Seriously, I have this image in my mind of our best self…the one that is wonderful- talented -gifted. Then in that same image our worst self …the condemning -doubting- false believing self, standing in front of the best me. Hands on hips reminding me of all the reasons I shouldn’t, couldn’t, wouldn’t. Have you ever seen this same image for yourself? You struggle to get your best self back on your feet, shake off the dust, okay I’ve got it this time, only to find your shouldn’t, couldn’t, wouldn’t self standing in the door way! Ugh Once again we fall off track, we lose mental strength. We try once or twice and get distracted. If you have ever felt like this, I have a serious solution! It’s called Souled Out living in a Sold-Out world! It is powerful and it applies to anything in life you want to accomplish and or overcome!

This solution is worth fighting for! It’s worth getting a radical mind, will and emotions. It is called becoming Souled Out. We live in a sold-out world, one where we sell out cheaply to the ways of the world, to the least of our self-ability! We sell out to the condemning, doubting and false believing self. I am well aware that this worst self comes from some intense stories and histories. But this way of living is total trash living my people! This is not what we were called to do. REGARDLESS, of what is stopping you, you can overcome. Let me repeat the word regardless because I have had hundreds of stories that have passed through my path and no matter the gruesome back story or current conditions YOU CAN OVERCOME consistently and persistently. You can live a free un-encumbered life. It will not come easy but it is 100% worth the fight. I am living proof and I cracked the code. You deserve to be FREE TO BE the best, most effective life changing individual you once believed you could be. Now the catch is will you stand your battle ground and REFUSE to give in until you see change?

If the answer is “Yes, I am sick and tired of being sick and tired and I am willing,” then I have some full proof solutions to getting you well on your way to living a life Souled Out and free. I can teach you how to break the chains that bind your abilities and beliefs and that hold you back in business, in spirit and every other thing in life you are called to do.

Over the next few blogs I will be sharing some of the key components on the road to becoming Souled Out. Our soul consists of our mind, will and emotions. When this part of our life makes simple shifts, it will lead you into the promised land of success that you have only been dreaming about until now This is your lucky day!

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