Meet Amy...

Welcome! I am so glad you are here. I am Amy and I am absolutely passionate about the whole life development of individuals body, spirit and soul (mind, will, emotions). My purpose on this planet is to first to be Mom to one extraordinary daughter! Next my planet purpose is to empower individuals to make life altering choices that point them towards Christ to break the chains that bind their abilities and beliefs. Every Christian can live free and not fractured! Wow. What a force the faith community could be if we would first get free from our own afflictions!

Addictive behaviors and abuse tormented me on and off again for over 15 years until I took a stand against it and finally Souled Out! I was not only set free from these afflictions but have been conquering physical paralysis for the past 11 years and I am walking to tell about it. My story is Redemption. Healing. Rescue. Time and time again.

My roots are in small town Texas but, larger cities are where I have spent 35 years as a business professional. These two different ways of living allow me the ability to relate to all walks of life; which I love!

Souled Out became a dream around 2001 and was founded in 2009. Souled Out! A ministry imparting freedom of every sort. My heart is so compassionate towards people living under any type of mental, emotional physical or spiritual oppression that it motivated my ministry development.

Throughout my life I’ve had the honor of pouring into the lives of people through my local church in women’s ministry, through Souled Out events, life coaching and through couples healthy living groups. A love for healthy living has developed me into a wellness warrior! Fair warning:)

Many years back I helped establish and lead a freedom ministry, Encounter Weekends, at Celebration Church in Georgetown Texas which prepared me to lead Souled Out. A long long time prior to that 🙂 I graduated Texas State University with a BA in Journalism and a minor in Business Administration.

Most of my equipping comes from life being thrown at me hard and fast and figuring it out. Therapy, Barnes and Noble and about a million hours with God helped too! Other parts of my equipping come from graduating CLASS Services speaker school, Austin School of Protocol, and from being certified as a Personality Trainer & Life Coach.

My husband Ron, my daughter Lauren and I live in Austin, Texas where I lead the ministry, run my consulting company and host my radio program Amy Mills L!ve. Journey alongside me as we live a life Souled Out and free!

Meet the Rest of the Souled Out Team:


Jessica Luttrell

Jessica grew up in parts of New York, California and then Kansas till she met her husband Brady and married back in 2004. They moved to Colorado and then settled in Texas back in 2007. Jessica’s background is theatrical arts but has had various jobs that landed her in both management and coordination of various sorts. She worked for her church for almost 7 1/2 years with a break in between to have children. She is now currently staying home with her three girls ( any day now for the third to arrive).

Jessica has a passion for seeing people set free! After experiencing her own freedom back in 2014, her love for people, especially the unseen ones, has grown into various outreaches and ministries that she is a part of.  Since 2008, Jessica has served the special needs community through celebration church’s special friends service. A church service especially catering to adults with special needs and their families.  She also co- leads a small group called Cosplay for Christ. They create costumes and props from pop culture and do outreaches at local comic cons in the Austin area trying to bring light to a dark community.  She considers herself a Jesus loving nerd 🙂

Jessica wants to see women set free and realize that their identity is in Christ and not the things or circumstances that they feel has labeled them.  When you know who you are, you can take on the challenges of this world knowing that Christ IS the one who is holding you up. He is the one hand that will never let go of you!


Julie Smith

Julie was raised on the Big Island of Hawaii, moved to El Segundo, CA at age 16 where she lived until God sent her and her family to Cedar Park in 2009. Julie’s love and reverence for God runs deep – for those who are forgiven much, love much.

At age 30, after failing miserably at trying to live life her way, Julie found herself one evening on her living room floor crying out to God to take her life over, wanting  desperately for “someone else to make the decisions”.  She was disillusioned, defeated and desperate. Her life’s song at that time rings true to, “Jesus Take the Wheel” by Carrie Underwood.

Like the woman in the Bible that was healed when she finally surrendered and reached out to touch Jesus’ robe, Julie’s life was never the same. Soon after handing over the wheel to God, Julie was invited to church by a new friend (who later became her husband) and has never looked in the rearview mirror! Julie loves helping others by sharing her redemption stories and the amazing freedom God blesses us with when we surrender all to him.

The road has been, and continues to be, an adventure! Trusting God with all her heart and leaning not on her own understanding, but seeking God’s wisdom has proven to be exciting, uncertain and downright scary at times. One thing always sees her through – knowing without a doubt that she can trust God completely! Trust doesn’t come easily to Julie due to a very tumultuous life from a very young age, but something deep inside her has never questioned God.

Julie’s purpose is to share God’s light through his unwavering Word. God’s Word is truth, and he promises that truth will set us FREE!


Kim Grubb

Having grown up in a family that moved a lot, Kim didn’t have roots until moving to Texas in high school. After attending college at the University of Texas, Kim met and married her husband of 34 years. They moved around as well while in full time ministry, and finally returned “home” to Texas 18 years ago. Kim and her husband have five grown children, four of whom are married,
and two precious grandchildren. Family is where God has shown Kim His most abundant forgiveness, grace, and love.

Kim is a committed educator. She believes public school is her ministry, and taught for 20 years before becoming an administrator 6 years ago. Her goal is to be the light and salt in the darkness, and accept and love people right where they are in life.

Kim gave her heart to Jesus at 10 years old in a Baptist church. This is where she got her love for the Word of God and its preeminence in her life. Kim went her own way in high school and college. This way brought brokenness, pain, and regret. At the age of 23, Kim underwent a radical transformation with Jesus. He loved her at the place where she was, and gave her hope, love, and a new life. The old things truly passed away, and all things were new.

Psalm 40:2 says “He brought me up out of the pit of destruction, out of the miry clay, And He set my feet upon a rock making my footsteps firm.” This is truly Kim’s story.

Jesus took a messy young woman, and through His great love and grace, set her feet on solid ground. Because of this, Kim’s heart and life are God’s. She believes in the power of the turnaround, and has a passion to see women walk in freedom. Kim loves taking God’s word, and making it understandable, relatable, and practical in the lives of Believers. She believes healthy identity can only be found through Jesus--and that identity is found in His word.

Krissy Lilljedahl

Krissy Lilljedahl


Krissy Lilljedahl, also known as “The Heart Lady,” grew up in Austin, Texas and currently resides in Cedar Park, Texas with her husband of 23 years and their three children. In her professional career, she spent many years under the dome of the Texas State Capitol before becoming a stay-at-home mom in 2002. In 2013 she stepped back in to the professional arena working part-time for a statewide association, and there she remains today.

Representative in the heart shapes she finds EVERYWHERE is her God-given desire to extend love, grace, beauty, kindness, and compassion to the hearts that come across her path – they aren’t there by accident! She believes that we are to represent and reflect Christ in EVERYTHING we do, faith is not compartmentalized, it is WHO WE ARE – in the check-out line, at the basketball game, at the office, at home, at church, at the stop light, ALWAYS.

Krissy strongly believes that there is amazing freedom when one fully receives Christ and the immeasurable gift of his sacrifice that was fueled by the PUREST love, grace, beauty, kindness, and compassion…and complete forgiveness. Living and operating in this freedom requires so much more than head knowledge of God’s word; true heart revelation and transformation by Christ’s work on the cross is something completely different! It is a complete shift that ushers in the ability to forgive, release, move forward, reach others, and truly operate in LOVE.

As a poet and writer, she is currently working towards developing a space to share her work that reflects how she sees the heart of God and how she processes the world around her. She plans to use this platform as a source of encouragement to live your best love letter to the world based on the most amazing love letter ever written – the story of Jesus Christ. THAT’S living a Love Letter Life!

In the devotional Restoration Year by John Eldridge he states, “Only Jesus could get away with taking all of God’s commands – and boiling them down to two. Two. We’ve missed the brilliance of it, and the immense kindness too.”

Love God, Love Others.



Nicki Arnold

Nicki is a native Texan and has lived in the Austin area since grade school. Married in 1984, she and her husband Willie have raised two kids and are now enjoying the abundant blessings that come with grand-parenting. Professionally, Nicki enjoys her position as the Controller of one of the nation’s largest women owned advertising agencies. She has been with the company since 1996, so it feels a bit more like family then a career.

In October of 1992, in an unlikely environment, her children’s day care of all places, Nicki experienced God in a way that was nothing short of miraculous. In a split second she was radically saved and forever changed. Her story is one of layer upon layer of healing combined with step upon step on the road to deliverance. She believes with all of her heart that her story does not belong to her. Her story belongs to the lover of her soul and He wants her to use it for His glory as He saves others from their respective pits of despair.

The Lord has used Nicki in a variety of lay ministries such as co-leading women’s ministry at her church, mentoring young women, leading small groups in her home, teaching Sunday School, and serving on the board of Souled Out Ministries. She is never more in her element then when she is sharing what the Lord has taught her about getting and staying free so that her precious sisters in Christ can live the abundant life they were designed and created for.

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