Freedemption Academy


Amy has been a whole life development proponent even before she recognized it. She has worked her way from lost, broken and unhealthy to a wellness warrior, entrepreneur and faith leader. She is a natural born motivator and teacher.


Over the past three decades I have learned how to overcome and thrive against insurmountable odds including physical paralysis. Fear, shame and guilt are all a thing of the past.  The mountains I faced caused me to purposefully seek high level teachings from experts in these fields. Yes, I have countless hours of therapy under my belt BUT it is the power of the Holy Spirit at work in me that allowed me to achieve lasting change.  My 20 -year commitment to a deep dive into spiritual growth, understanding and implementation birthed Freedemption Academy.  The fact that I have attained an extraordinary level of freedom in spite of my past traumas means you can too!  My freedom has brought me success as a mother, wife, business owner and faith leader. My credentials as a whole life development leader come from four decades of waring for freedom body, spirt, soul (mind, will, emotions). I can help you. I’ve been to the depths and back several times!!  I am ready to help you overcome in order to succeed. Are you ready?

Once a week for 14 weeks Amy will go live as a mentor teaching you all she knows about living free body, spirit and soul.

During each class you will join like- minded individuals for live coaching sessions followed up with recap notes. Each session will dig deep into things like: how to conquer healthy living once and for all, how to get unstuck, what lies are squelching your success, how spiritual growth enhances EVERY area of your life to succeed. You will learn real life tactics, strategies and truths that when applied will make you a better human being physically, spiritually and mentally. Amy has done the work, put in the miles, suffered and succeeded. Learning from her life you will be on a much faster track to incredible results in your life efforts.

  • Done by live video one hour per week.
  • Video available the following day if you miss the live teaching. (For maximum results take all courses in succession whether live or recorded.)

Week 1: Setting the stage for success -Prepare it!

  • Weekly PDF guide
  • Access to Facebook group to discuss course material and collaborate
  • Check in from Amy to the Facebook group each week.

Week 2-5: Get It! 4 weeks one hour week
Week 6-9: Own It! 4 weeks one hour week
Week 10-13: Rock It! 4 weeks one hour week
Week 14 wrap up and moving forward strategies Live It!

*Everyone enrolled in Freedemption Academy receives an initial one on one with Amy to discuss where you are and where you are trying to get to.

Graduates attend Freedemption weekend A 3-day intensive at a drastically REDUCED RATE. There is NOTHING like a hands-on weekend with a personal mentor and faith leader to assist you in your personal and private journey to freedom and success. This hands-on weekend format has changed thousands of lives. It is the glue that binds the entire Academy together. Coming January 2020.

 All graduates receive FREE the 31 days to Becoming Souled Out desk calendar and devotion.

All attendees who pay a one-time payment in full ALSO RECEIVE FREE Amy’s Temple Builders guide; finally winning the healthy living pursuit. Includes tips from the experts, prayers for a wellness warrior and principles that keep you on track once and for all.

Next Freedemption Academy:

September-November 2019

Enroll now and be paid in full by first day of class
Freedemption Weekend Intensive: January 2020 (what a way to start the year! Wow!)

Pricing : three convenient options

Payment plan = $167.00 x 3

Two payment plan = $240.00 x 2

Pay in full = ONLY $32.00 PER LIFE CHANGING COURSE = $450.00

All payments must be received in our office 7 days prior to first live video class.
Academy must be paid in full before receiving code to receive first video class.