Speaking Topics

Lifting a heavy load? There are many instances in life that can bind us in chains. Amy's various speaking topics can help any individual or group find freedom. Each topic comes packed with solid wisdom and is accompanied by encouragement and hope.

Be A Temple Builder.

Inspired by a life long commitment to an active healthy lifestyle - women will get rid of stinkin thinkin and be transformed by this life application of Healthy Living. Amy’s passion for the whole life development of women fuels this session of hope & clarity. Inspired from personally developed curriculum for in home groups the message conveyed is in order to achieve all that God has called us to- this area of our life must be sanctified, healed and whole. Find out what the Bible has to say about healthy living and leave with a unique mindset to overcome.

*This is not a diet plan program.

A Life Resembling Peter's.

A striking comparison of a believer and the person of Peter. Peter never became perfect but still was one of only 3 in Jesus’ inner circle. Peter’s life encourages us that we serve a God of Second and Third chances. Jesus chooses those of us who can be changed by his love, even those of us who often fail. Removing the barriers of failure is the catalyst to a Peter like life! Women will leave released, empowered and connected to the life of Peter. Revitalized in the Holy Spirit in order that they may operate in their individual giftings. This session radiates with life application.

Guilt & Shame Board Game.

The contest you will never win! All players welcome, the odds are stacked against you, the outcome fixed. Oh My! Doesn’t the opponent glean as he competes against you as if you could possibly win? As the card of unforgiveness is drawn you quickly move to last place. Soon your life becomes that of a token taken by the head and pluncked onto the squares that determine your final fate. In this lively parable presentation Amy thoroughly covers the causes, effects and redemption of guilt and shame. Women will shuffle through scripture and roll the dice in a new game they are sure to win!

Losing My Mind.

1 Cor 2:16 says we have the mind of Christ through His Spirit living within us. In an age where millions of women battle mental disorders and 1 in 4 are crippled by depression many struggle with attaining this truth. Amy shares life experiences with depression, chronic pain and sin all mentally debilitating. Women will journey through scripture to find an undeniable correlation between our heart and mind. The enemy has taken aim on our minds understanding the importance the scriptures place on it. Full of life application women learn that Gods word and verbal declaration are weapons to win with. Attendees will leave released from guilt and renewed to take back their minds. Lose your mind with Amy to the mind of Christ!

Pick Up Your Mat and Walk.

What is paralyzing you today, yesterday or beyond? Every woman has faced paralyzing situations in life whether fear, shame, divorce or loss. Amy’ was the ultimate – physical paralysis. As a wife, athlete and mother of a pre schooler she found herself in ICU as a paraplegic. Allow her to share this moving testimony of spiritual and physical restoration. Encouraging women that what paralyzed your past does not have to paralyze your future. You can walk out of the wheelchair life has placed you in. In a paralytic state every woman can find hope, humility and hunger! God’s miraculous powers are evident throughout this presentation. A must!

Pivotal Prayer.

The reality of hearing Gods voice is made alive in the soul of every woman who hears this message. Hearing Gods voice is not mystical it is biblical. Amy lays out practical steps to a destination of hearing Gods voice that keeps the audience on edge. A 10 year journaler and prayer warrior Amy teaches the discipline of prayer in a non legalistic format. This session creates a hunger and delivers the tools for women to attain a real, living relationship in Christ. She will share miraculous moments of hearing Gods voice, pivotal prayers and the bet that God won. This teaching is a hinge to a door that becomes a cardinal or critical point in the life of a women.

Start a Resolvolution!

A resolvolution resides in your heart. Until we make a declarative decision things will stay the same. Becoming resolute is to have a fixed purpose, to be unwavering and it demands a decision. Amy examines a life Souled Out and the decisions women must make to get there. She speaks to the 4 personality types as she identifies why we do or do not make effectual decisions in Christ. Negative decisions in the form of oaths or vows must be reconciled to Christ. The destination for this session is decision! Women will examine the condition of their heart and start a Resolvolution. Today!

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