Surrender “is” a breakthrough

I had an unexpected encounter with the Lord today. It was a direct answer to an intense prayer I have been lifting up over the past few months.  It involves pruning which is super painful but produces super powerful results.  No matter how long you have journeyed with the Lord there is always room for more of him and less of you!

My prayer has been for him to release finances in some very specific areas of my life. To remove whatever barrier may be in my life to this release.  Also, to cleanse anything from me that would keep His deep anointing off of my life.  The first step of that prayer was the awareness he spoke. “You are still trying to control the finances – you have to trust me fully and wholly to be your provider – not out of your giftedness or manipulation but out of my gifting”.  A deeper trust is brewing in my spirit…  “You are still clinging to the things of this world in certain parts of your life. Let go of it entirely.” A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.

My lengthy series in “Hearing the Voice of God” at podcast has me expectant of a work in my own life- which is how it goes when you start opening your mouth about something as a faith leader. Lol.

The next phase of my communication with God has been a deep travailing of “okay I hear you, I want to obey but, I don’t know what you want me to do other than verbalize I trust you and to verbalize I will let go of the things of this world and focus on you. Not sure what that even looks like Lord but I am desperately wanting to obey. I want a break through.”  The deep cleansing I am desiring is building pressure like a boiler. Wanting to obey and wondering how on earth I do what he has revealed and what does it look like….so my prayer progressed to “Lord, I am willing now show me how.”

This morning, so un expectantly, I was reviewing a promotional freedom video for Souled Out Ministries and the statement “…dismantle all this IS for all that IS TO COME” flashed across the screen and my spirit broke. I began to cry, as in really cry. Deep, sobbing, cleansing cry and His conviction fell on me.  Forgiveness and repentance began to pour from my gut through my heart and out of my spirit about the requests I have been making of him.  There it was, he brought me to the place he wanted me.  Surrender, repentance, cleansing.  Of course! all he wanted was sincere gut level spirit minded repentance for the way it has been, for the structures I built up and esteemed more able than Him. For thinking I could have one foot in and one foot out and have heavens glory in everything I put my hand to?

Surrender! That is freedom!  This morning he made room for what is to come.  The release I felt from the weight of those sins, yes sins, enlarged my territory. Enlarged my heart and my spirit and instantly made a way for something radically exciting to happen in my life and in my ministry.  My prayer is that He will gently yet powerfully lead you in to awareness first and then true repentance.  If you are looking for more then there is always more with Him.  Break the chains!

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