Taking a Leap of Faith

I saw my surgeon today. 11 years almost to the day that in his words my spinal cord “was almost sliced in half.” So many years since we have had reason to see each other. But, as I stepped into his office all of that time was compressed and it didn’t seem like that long at all. A flurry of emotion. A bit of anxiety. A tinge of excitement to see him after all these years and all we had gone through together. A painful reminder of exactly what had happened to me and the intense 11 year journey. I wasn’t exactly wanting to face the new MRI he had in his possession but, I had to know. As he entered he said “Well, it’s been a long time hasn’t it?”

“Yes it has!” I replied.

I asked if he remembered me and he answered with a resounding “Oh yes I remember you!” It was a tone that said to me he couldn’t just forget a case like mine.

You see, I was there in his office to review a new MRI. The first one in 6 years since the spinal tumor ruptured in 2007 leaving me paraplegic. I got the MRI for two reasons. One, because I have been experiencing more intense body spasms over the past 6 months. Second, because I was instructed to get 5 MRI’S one year apart from each other after the surgery and I had only gotten four. Getting that last one has haunted me a bit. After 5 years the chances of the tumor returning are tremendously reduced hence his instructions for the 5. Ready to put a nail in the coffin, I just did it.

By the grace of God I got a really good report. My spinal cord integrity that was the thickness of a piece of paper and almost severed at time of surgery had regenerated and filled out and become healthier. The cord is still tethered into the scar tissue and an area of the cord not healed is still affecting my balance and spatial consciousness. But, hallelujah, rejuvenation and no new growth of a tumor is a very good report. The surgeon reminded me without mincing words that a lot of people around his practice doubted I would ever function properly again, much less walk. These words are a reminder of the catastrophic event I escaped. However, those words do not dilute the fact that I have been in intense physical therapy every week for 11 years. Yes, every week for 11 years. I have never stopped. I want to run and not just walk. I am a runner!

Have you ever fought for something you wanted or believed in “purposefully” every week for 11 years? I am not talking about something that didn’t cost you anything but something that cost time, money, energy, pain, emotion? The word purposefully is very key. We throw a half baked effort at things haphazardly and get frustrated when we do not see the fruit of our labor. Purposeful effort comes from deep within. It can only happen when you have committed yourself whole-heartedly to the cause no matter the cost, without knowing the outcomes. Written down and spoken out loud. Also, purposeful effort entails ongoing goals, a scheduled plan and readjustment along the way. There is so much more that goes into running and not just walking in life, in business, in our spiritual development and the list goes on. I have become a master at purposeful effort with miraculous results. Stick around and I’ll teach you every aspect of this type of a mountain moving life.

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